How to Scan & Fix Hard Drives with CHKDSK in Windows 8

Microsoft has revealed a new Windows 10 problem, and it could be the most serious one yet, as it potentially stops device drivers from installing correctly. Once the new driver has been downloaded and installed, restart your computer. After rebooting, Click to visit make sure to check if the error is still present when you go back to the Device Manager. In short, the Code 10 error means that there are some kinds of unspecified driver or hardware issues on your device. It can happen on every modern Windows version like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, etc.

The bad sectors might contain nothing but useless files, wasting all of your time and effort spent on restoring them. WinDirStat can help give you an accurate assessment of the data on your hard disk and how it is organized. The only way to see chkdsk results if it was started automatically during the boot sequence is Windows Event Viewer. In Windows 7 and all previous versions of Windows, if some inconsistency was found on the file system, chkdsk would run automatically but it showed you the details.

From there, select the Restore Point you’d like to restore, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. The cause of this corruption can vary everywhere from system files failure to hostile malware attacks. But, what’s clear is that there are certain tricks that can get you out of registry trouble.

How to Quickly Fix Blue Screen of Death Errors in Windows 10

With the provided methods, you may have fixed the blue screen of death error successfully on your PC. However, some of the above methods like Method 5 may cause data loss problem in your computer. If the issue is still persist, you can perform Clean Windows installation in computer to fix. This issue can be occurred due to interference of third-party antivirus/firewall program installed in computer.

  • Under Error checking, click the Check button to begin running a disk check.
  • The upcoming section will give a detailed guide to eradicating the error.
  • BlueScreenView enumerates the memory addresses inside the stack of the crash, and find all drivers/modules that might be involved in the crash.

HP laptop models are notoriously known for compatibility issues with various Bluetooth drivers. Once you complete these listed steps a new driver version will be installed on your PC. Issues will be resolved, new functions will be introduced including more support for your Windows. This method works well for old hardware devices.


Since the system is unable to boot from the hard drive in this situation, correction of the problem often requires using the repair tools found on the Windows installation disc. This is usually caused by an illegal operation being performed. The only safe action the operating system can take in this situation is to restart the computer. As a result, data may be lost, as users are not given an opportunity to save it. Typically, BSODs result from driver software or issues with hardware.

However, some users report that Windows 10/11 won’t install drivers on their computers. For example, they receive the error message saying cannot complete the device driver installation wizard during the installation process. After uninstalling the hardware device drivers, tap on the “Action” button placed on the Device Manager menu bar. In the Action menu, select the “Scan for hardware Changes” option to reinstall drivers. Updating all necessary device drivers to latest & compatible version can resolve the issue. You can update all windows drivers using Automatic Driver Update Tool.

Remove the plug if it’s a USB connection or disconnect it from the router. Shut everything down and turn off power supply to all of them. Click the “View devices and printers” link under Hardware and Sound.

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