How To Install Windows 11 Without A Microsoft Account

In the past, gaming on Windows has had its fair share of ups and downs, from Games on Windows Live to the barebones Xbox app in Windows 10. We also noticed that adding work accounts to a Calendar widget doesn’t work, but Microsoft tells us that it’s aware of this, and a fix is incoming. Of all the widgets present, the Weather widget is the one I’ve found most useful.

  • After completing this tutorial, you should know how to install Windows 11 on a Hyper-V virtual machine.
  • 3.The command window will open and ask you to select from the available Windows Insider Program channels.
  • It’s unclear why Windows 11 needs these new CPUs, but it’s not unexpected for new OS releases to require certain hardware.

It’s a stronger version of something that is already great. A motherboard firmware update is scheduled to come in May of 2022. Here are the system requirements for the two systems. All of the above-mentioned laptops and the newer PCs launching come with Windows 11. Even many of the older Windows 10 PCs that are eligible for Windows 11 upgrade are being sold in Windows 11 by default. If you often snap multiple windows to view side-by-side, then the snap layouts feature is definitely much better than the snap assist feature of Windows 10.

Universities don’t want their students to upgrade to Windows 11 yet

If needed, you can change the product key after installation has finished. A clean install of Windows 11 will wipe out everything on the drive you select to install Windows 11 on giving you a completely new default installation of Windows 11. This is going to be the easiest way to upgrade to Windows 11.

The concept of the Windows 11 user interface centralized design is to put users in the center. You are required to input your product key to go on. If you don’t have a product key or forget, you can activate Windows 11 later. Specify the language, time, and currency format, as well as keyboard or input method to continue.

You can use this guide to upgrade to Windows 11 using the official ISO. At this point, we recommend you manually upgrade your PC if you meet all the basic requirements of Windows 11. Ensure that Secure boot is enabled on this device and then use this guide by us to update to Windows 11. This guide will help you upgrade to Windows 11 manually using the Installation Assistant from Microsoft. If Windows 11 update isn’t available for your PC yet and you don’t want to manually upgrade, the only thing you can do is to wait.

Unreal Engine support

Go to Start – Settings – Update & Security – Windows Update – Check for updates. If you have a valid Windows 10 license then Windows 11 is a free upgrade for you as long as you meet the minimum requirements. If however, you are running an older version of Windows or Driversol do not have a valid license key, then unfortunately it won’t be a free upgrade for you.

Windows 11 22H2 version may fix an odd bug that’s slowing down some PCs

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